Ten Mile Hollow campground

This large, open campsite is found next to the Old Great North Road, at the top of the Simpson Track. The campsite is great for people walking or cycling in the area. There is a pit toilet, a few fire circles and plenty of places to pitch some tents. There is a water tank next to the toilet – if this is empty, there is sometimes water in Ten Mile Hollow Creek a short distance north along the OGNR (otherwise the Wat Buddha Dhamma, about 600m south along the OGNR, provides a water tank for visitors). Treat water before drinking. The area was formally a stockade (a camp) for the convicts who built the road in c.1830. Later the area was named ‘Snodgrass Valley’ and plans to build a town were developed, however neither the name nor the town proved popular (even at 2 pounds an acre)[ref url=http://www.convicttrail.org/history.php?id=a4b3c2%f%9]. Solomon Wiseman (of Wisemans Ferry fame) was given 100 acres to build an inn, however it is not clear if the inn was ever built.