About Us

Wildwalks is an online Bushwalking Guide Book with the aim of helping more people get out and safely enjoy the many great bushwalks and camping opportunities in NSW.  It does not matter if you are new to bushwalking or experienced, there is something here for everyone.


Wildwalks is developed by small group of people who are passionate about the outdoors.  We want to encourage people to “get out there” and enjoy the great places on offer.


Our goal is build a massive database of bushwalking tracks from around Australia.  I am conscious we are a long way from there now, but over the next few years I hope to grow this site.


Learn more about our Vision and Values.


We are committed to supporting businesses and organisation with similar goals. Wildwalks just provides information, there are many other hard working people out there who build, maintain and support these tracks and campsites.


We currently get about 1300 unique people a day using this service, thanks for your encouragement.


I get many e-mails from people asking how to help out (thanks); here are a few idea.

  1. Use our website, maps and notes, get out there and enjoy it.
  2. Let us know how things go, use out feedback section at the end of each article.
  3. Tell people about the site and what we are doing.
  4. Support our sponsors   – they allow all this to happen
  5. Sign up to our newsletter and stay upto date with life at Wildwalks
  6. Link to us (or ask your web friends to link to us) see the FAQ on linking to Wildwalks.


A few FAQ’s

1) Should I still carry a traditional topographical Map?

YES. I recommend that you still have at least one set of maps that cover an area, the maps provided by Wildwalks cover just the walk, and are limited help in case of emergency change in plans.  Also some printers and paper do not handle the rugged outdoors as well as the maps you can buy.


2) Can I print the notes and maps?

YES. Use the PDF button or link to generate a nice printable version with a much better map what what is the webpage.


3) Can I print copies for my fellow walkers?

YES. I think that everyone in the walking group should have a copy, please print as many as you want.


4) Can I use the notes and maps for my School, Club or Commercial group.

YES. Again I think that every one should have a copy of the map at the very least, Please to not change or trim the notes to hide logo or any other information though.


5) What if I think something is wrong?

Please use the user feedback in each article to let us know how we can improve things, we really love feedback. We know the notes are not perfect, we try hard so please let us know how we can do better.


6) Can I suggest a walk to be included?

YES.  Our goal is to grow and build lots more walks.  I plan to add a “suggest / vote for a walk page” but until then e-mail me your thoughts.  If you want variations on existing walks, please also let me know, we can usually turn those around quickly.  I hope by the end of the year we will also have a very cool “reverse” this walk feature, so that if you want to do the walk the other way round, it will be easy (the map and the tracknotes will be changed as if it was meant to be like that).


7)  Can I download the walk to my GPS?

Not Yet.  We are working on this, We have the data and the technology, but there are a few issues with it at this stage. Firstly we have a problem with people stealing info from our website and putting it up on there own, and this just makes that to easy for them (this data costs us a lot of money to produce, I am happy for people to use it for free, but not to claim it as there own and have no plans to maintain it.) Secondly there are some social/safety issues on using GPS for bushwalks.  I am keen to address these issues and get this GPS data to you sooner then later.


8) Can I view the walks in Google Earth?

Not Yet.  For similar reasons to FAQ 7, but I hope to resolve this one sooner.  We are playing with this and just to tease you, it is pretty cool.  Once we release this you will be able to do virtual fly overs or all the walks, view the sat image and Topomaps, see the photos in the place they were taken and a few other cool things.


9) How can I search for walks on Wildwalks?

We have got a  Bushwalk search page for finding walks on the website.  It has an advanced search options as well.


10) Can I link to Wildwalks?

Yes, Please do.  Links to Wildwalks help more people find a useful bushwalking site, and it help us by bringing more people to our service.  When linking to wildwalks it would help us further if you also link descriptive keywords, such as bushwalking or hiking.  So if linking to the home page try something like Wildwalks an online  bushwalking guidebook  or if link to a specific walk or list of walks you may want to try something like Bushwalking tracks in Royal National Park .  Our URL’s are pretty stable so you should rarely have issues with broken links.


Thanks for your interest


Matt  🙂